Houston’s incumbent mayor answers accusations she accepts political donations from contractors doing business with the city.  Annise Parker says when she reaches out, she doesn't check a list of those contractors.  She says she calls city leaders and her supporters.

“If you don't have any real issues, and you don't have any facts, because every time I say something, I try to have my facts marshaled,” she says, “then you just throw out wild accusations.”

Challenger Ben Hall says it's inappropriate for Parker to solicit campaign support from individuals and companies wanting to do business with the city of Houston.  Parker says that’s not who she targets.

“I sit and call people who have supported me over the years and who are Houstonians who might be interested in the future of the city of Houston,” she explains.  “My donor list is available to anyone who wants to go online.”

She says there are more than 9,000 names on that list.