You probably know a lot of parents that always tell their kids how well they’re doing, even if they don’t do well at all. You know; the kind of parents that celebrate their child’s 9th place finish in a race (out of ten kids).

Well, there’s a new study out that says parents need to show their children more ‘tough love.’

The study says kids brought up with all that inflated praise actually have less confidence as they get older. They tend to try to take the easy way out of things. Therapist Julie Nise told KTRH parents have to do a better job.

“Kids know when parents are blowing smoke. Kids depend on parents giving them accurate and real advice,” Nise said.

The study says parents may be ‘stifling’ these kids with all this inflated praise. Nise says it’s more than that.

“They’re crippling them. They are preventing them from getting the most important life skill they need,” Nise stated.

And what skill is that?

“Maturity. The ability to manage frustration without acting out,” Nise explained to Matt Patrick on Houston's Morning News.

So what if you have a teenager and you've given them all sorts of artificial praise? Can you change your ways?

“It’s entirely possible that you can make effective changes,” Nise said.

Nise says it comes down to parents being parents, not being friends with their kids.