Both parents and teachers are having to dig deeper in their pockets when buying back-to-school supplies this year.  Recent surveys reveal prices have risen over 7%  compared to 2012.

The average cost for an elementary student is now $577 – $763 for a middle school student, and more than $1,200 for a high school student.

Rising prices could actually drive down spending as retailers brace for an 8% drop per family this year.  Total spending is expected to be $26.7 billion.

With schools strapped for cash as well, they're turning to teachers to foot more of the bill.  Last year, teachers on average spent $347 of their own money on school supplies, that was up from $315 during the 2008-09 school year.

However, relief is just around the corner when the state holds it's sales tax holiday beginning August 9.

“There's a long list of school supply items you can find on the state comptroller's website, and clothing up to $100 purchase price is covered,” says Ronnie Volkening at the Texas Retailers Association.

A majority of spending will be on clothes and shoes.  Still, basic supplies such as a graphing calculator, post-it notes, even scissors will cost between $4 and $10 more this year.

“The upcoming tax holiday is a one-time opportunity for the school children of Texas to take advantage of the sales tax break, and get the school supplies they need to be ready and fully equipped, and clothed for the new school year,” Volkening tells KTRH News.