Political advertising on television is expected to break the $2 billion mark this fall, and much of it is outside money driving the surge.

Political insider Jim McGrath says you can thank the Supreme Court's decision of striking down limits on federal campaign donations.  That opened the flood gates for political action committees.

“It shows how every time Congress or the courts step in to try to control the flow of money, it just seems to move in the opposite direction,” McGrath tells KTRH News.

But its not just television according to Clear Channel's Rod Windham.

“In the radio business, political advertising used to be a back burner thing, now its a front burner, particularly with the amount of money to be spent, not only from the candidates but also the political action committees,” says Windham.

Expect lots of money thrown at Georgia's hotly contested Senate race.

“A lot of people think George is where the fate of the control of the Senate really hangs right now,” says McGrath.  “That's a battle royal and I think that as close as it is you'll see a lot of money go to George to try to tip the balance there.”

However, Windham says plenty of outside money is being pumped into Texas congressional races too.

“Democrats think they can come in here and take some seats, so you're going to see national money being put into the state, not only from the Democrats, but Republicans too,” he says.