Even though a bill to allow open carry for licensed gun owners in Texas didn't make it out of committee, the debate on the issue continues. And you're not going to believe who supporters are arguing with over this.

They are arguing with other pro-gun rights people on open carry, some of whom saying walking around openly with a rifle isn't necessarily the best way to make the point. CJ Grisham is the President of Open Carry Texas and told KTRH he understands why they feel this way.

“Even the pro-gun community has succumbed to the ideology that you shouldn’t see guns in public; that they should always be concealed,” Grisham said.

Grisham says the way the media treats guns has gone a long way to contributing to the problem.

“We’ve been conditioned for so long to fear guns. We’re trying to change that here in Texas like we do in other states,” Grisham stated.

Grisham says he understands what his opponents think about his tactics, but, it's all about your rights.

“We should be able to decide under what circumstances we carry openly,” Grisham said.

And Grisham, who is being retried in Temple for walking around with his AR-15 and not disarming when asked to by police, says despite concerns, open carry is something that needs to come to Texas.

“They see us walking around with rifles and think that it’s something that it’s not. The debate needs to go in terms of supporting gun rights regardless of how they are exercised as long as it is done in a lawful manner,” Grisham explained.

The debate will likely fire up again as soon as the next legislative session in 2015. Attorney General Greg Abbott, who is running for Governor, says he supports open carry.