A gun rights group in Utah says it wants to show the public how responsible and safe gun owners with carry permits really are.  The “Run 4 Guns” 5K race will be run in Spanish Fork, Utah, September 21st.

The group wants participants to not only bring tennis shoes and water bottles, they should also bring their holstered weapon. 

“We hope to paint gun owners in a new light,” says organizer Royal Bateman, “and let people know we are part of the solution, not the problem.”

People who attend will be there to celebrate their Second Amendment rights and show that gun owners are normal people.

Mike Clark of Houston’s Collectors Firearms is watching with interest.  “It’s proven time and time again that people who have legitimate licenses to carry guns tend to be more sane and sensible than people who don't,” Clark says.  “You have to through a lot more scrutiny before you actually get a gun (carry) permit than you would if you bought a gun in a store and took it home with you.”

Safety is paramount, Bateman says.  Guidelines for the event are tougher than Utah state law.  “We actually have some blowback from the gun community saying we're going too far.”