With Obamacare getting closer and closer you might be thinking there’s nothing you can do. The effort to defund the Affordable Care Act, led by Texas Senator Ted Cruz  is seen by many experts as something that will not wind up actually happening.

So what can you do if your medical bills get bigger? The experts say you can actually talk your bills down. It’s happening as you read this, and Kathryn Gohman of the Patient Advocate Group tells KTRH it's as simple as asking.

“You can use your insurance or you can go uninsured and if you pay right away they’ll give you a 40% discount,” Gohman told KTRH.

Dr. Vik Rajan of Houston Patient Advocacy says you have to take the first step, because your health care provider won’t do it for you.

“If you don’t ask they won’t tell you. If you do ask, they will tell you,” Rajan said.

And there’s another reason to try and negotiate your bills. New numbers indicate that nearly 80% of medical bills have mistakes in them, so you should look at them carefully before you write that check.

Then there’s the question of how you get those bills lowered. Do you try to do it on your own or do you use a patient advocate. Rajan says you are better off going with someone that knows the health care system inside and out.

“When it comes to dealing with the health care system not everyone as the time or the mental energy to deal with those things themselves,” Rajan explained.

Ultimately, Gohman says many times your doctor will be willing to negotiate your bill down because they'd rather have some money in hand than none at all.

“It helps the hospitals and doctors. It gives them immediate money. They don’t have to pay for collection agencies,” Gohman stated.