We've all seen parents aiming their phones, trying to capture every moment of the kids' sports or stage performance. But a new study says obsessive photography can keep your brain from remembering the actual event.

The study found test subjects who took pictures in a museum had trouble remembering the image the next day.

"If you're looking at the picture and taking it in you'll remember it but if you're focused on fiddling with your camera and taking a picture of the painting then you might not remember it as well."

Dr. Michael Beauchamp is a professor of neurobiology and anatomy at the UT Health Science Center in Houston. He says those who take too many pictures with cell phones may be missing out on life.

"Well, you could imagine that they're so focused on getting the perfect shot they actually miss out on what's happening in the game or miss a chance to cheer on their child as they do something they haven't noticed while they're trying to take the picture."