The American Medical Association has decided to recognize obesity as a disease. The move came earlier this week at the group’s meeting in Chicago.

Deborah Woehler of the Oliver Foundation told KTRH this is going to impact your health insurance.

“It’s going to open the opportunity for insurance companies to cover the cost of treatment and medications,” Woehler said. “Nutrition counseling will be covered for patients in a private practice.”

There are those that do not agree with the AMA’s decision. Christy Sproba is the Healthy Living Alliance Project Coordinator for the Montgomery County United Way. She told KTRH obesity can be a product of your environment.

“Sometimes the choice to live healthy becomes difficult when you live in an environment that does not promote the kind of healthy choices that you need to make,” Sproba said.

Sproba also feels that our fast paced lives are having an impact, and that we need to focus more on educating people how to make the right choices.

“We have to change the way we thing about healthy living. Right now our lives are so fast and furious and healthy living falls off,” Sproba explained.