Many of you probably eat in your car while you’re stuck in traffic. Many of you turn to food because of stress. And when you do, you’re setting yourself up to have health problems later in life. It’s already having an impact.

A new survey says obesity rates are going up. We're at 27.2 percent right now. That's from 26.2 percent a year ago, and we're on pace to go even higher. Dr. Grant Fowler of the UT Health Science Center at Houston Medical School tells KTRH it's affecting everyone.

“It’s going up across all demographics,” Fowler said.

But people between 45 and 64 years old are seeing the biggest increases. KTRH Medical Expert Dr. Joe Galati says diets aren't enough.

“You have to have meaningful adjustments in your lifestyle. It’s not a quick fix. We don’t want people going on diets or fad diets,” Galati said.

Fowler says if you're having weight issues, most diets will work. But if you want to keep the weight off you'll need to work harder.

“To continue the success, it seems like support groups work,” Fowler stated.

Studies like this seem to come out almost every day. But Galati says many of you treat them like they are background noise.

“It’s become part of our fabric. We’re almost numb to thinking that we have to do something about it,” Galati explained.