Obamacare's affect on the uninsured in Texas has been marginal since the launch of Healthcare.gov back in October.

A survey done by Rice University's Baker Institute found that the number of uninsured Texans only dropped 1.3% following the roll out of the much maligned healthcare exchanges.

Vivian Ho is a health economist at the Baker Institute and co-authored the report, she says that decrease is only slightly lower than the national average, "Texans do need some sort of help with purchasing health insurance because we actually have the highest rate of uninsured in the entire country."

The just over 1% drop in uninsured Texans represents over 200,000 people.  Which Ho says is significant because 200,000 more people have health insurance in just 4 months.

The report does show that of the 700,000 Texans that have signed up for Obamacare, most signed up through employer-provided plans.  Ho says the problems with Healthcare.gov played a large part in Texans not signing up.