We are learning more and more about Obamacare as it gets closer to becoming the way health care operates. The more we learn the more head scratching we do.

Your doctor is going to ask you about your sex life. And we're not talking about your primary care physician here. Even dermatologists will have to ask you personal questions. The questions are required. And if doctors don’t ask you, they face fines. State Senator Glenn Hegar is angry and says you should be too.

“It’s a terrible idea. The government is getting involved in the doctor-patient relationship,” he told KTRH.

Houston reproductive endocrinologist Robert Williams is scratching his head about this, too.

“It’s ridiculous,” he said.

The amount of rules and regulations involved in Obamacare has caused McWilliams, who has practiced medicine for over forty years, to make a life changing decision.

“I am retiring in February. Obamacare has done it.  Patients are going to get screwed. They are going to get taken advantage of,” McWilliams told KTRH.

Hegar told KTRH it makes him sad when doctors leave the medical field because of this.

“When doctors retire because of Obamacare it means the law has failed. It’s going to do more harm than good,” Hegar explained.

In the end, McWilliams says you are losing out.

“That’s what people don’t understand. They are violating patient rights. I feel so bad,” he explained.

Because doctors like him are leaving the profession.