Obamacare begins in September.  All information about health insurance policies you will be able to choose from and the place where you will register your choice after October 1st, assuming you opt into the program, can be found HERE.

“The Affordable Care act is designed to enroll people into health insurance coverage though several mechanisms.  One of those is through the creation of health insurance exchanges or online marketplaces where people can shop for insurance products.  They are supposed to be easy to navigate.  They’ll show people comparable information from an unbiased source so that people can make decisions based on comparing criteria”, Elena Marks, a health care expert at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy told KTRH News. 

For example, if you go to the website for Best Buy, and you want to compare different brand TV’s, they’ll give you columns containing check marks or some symbol indicating the features that come with each TV.

“There is a lot of misinformation out there lately, from critics of the Affordable Care Act,” Ms. Marks continues, “That these insurance marketplaces are going to crash because people just wait until they’re sick to buy insurance.   What no one seems to be talking about is that you can’t wait until you’re sick to buy coverage.  There are limited periods of time when you can enroll in these insurance products, and if you don’t get in during those periods, you can’t buy until the next enrollment period. So it’s not true you can wait until you get sick to buy insurance.”

The insurance policy options should be available in September.  Open enrollment for the first year runs from October 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014.  Every year after that, enrollment will be from October 1 to December 7.