Three years after Obamacare was signed into law, the White House is gearing up for a major sales pitch in which tens of millions of dollars will be spent marketing the new health care law via radio, television and social media.                              

The administration also is enlisting Hollywood celebrities, the NBA and MLB to help spread the word.  The NFL already punted the idea.

See the ad!

"The Obama administration continues to believe that if somehow they could just explain this to the American public, the public will buy into it," says Michael Tanner at the Cato Institute.  "Unfortunately the polls show it continues to be unpopular, and in fact it is becoming more unpopular with each passing month."

Despite those polls, Tanner tells KTRH the time and energy of government workers also will be involved in the Obamacare blitz.

"The librarians, the registry of motor vehicles, when you register to vote, certainly welfare offices, anytime you touch base with the government you're going to be told about the health care bill," he says.