As Obama Administration officials were in Texas to see the border crisis up close again, the President announced he has plans of his own to solve the immigration crisis.

And those plans don’t involve Congress.

“While I will continue to push House Republicans to drop the excuses and act — and I hope their constituents will, too — America cannot wait forever for them to act,” The President said in the Rose Garden.”

“I’m beginning a new effort to fix as much of our immigration system as I can on my own, without Congress,” he stated.

Earlier on Monday, the President told congressional leaders he would soon request emergency funding to address the Southwestern border problem as well as additional authority for the Department of Homeland Security to speed up the return of the unaccompanied children to their countries of origin.

While the President is threatening to use his pen, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson was in McAllen warning parents against sending children here from Central America.

“I continue to street that DACA is not available for children who crossed the border today tomorrow or yester the DACA program the program is for those children that have been in the country for the 7 year,” Johnson explained.

While the President and cabinet officials are doing the talking, nothing is actually being done to solve the issue. This is frustrating law enforcement officials who are dealing with the problem firsthand. Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio told KTRH if he were in charge, he'd get it cleaned up.

“Send the border patrol across the border, worth with the Mexicans and we’ll get the job done,” Arpaio said. “Let’s go across that border and stop it before these problems like drugs and illegal immigration get into the United States.”

But he also told KTRH that he thinks both Democrats and Republicans actually want amnesty at the end of the day.