President Obama will be in Texas for the next couple of days, raising money for the midterm election campaign. While he has agreed to meet with Texas Governor Rick Perry about the border crisis, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle don’t think that is good enough.

That meeting will be part of a roundtable that will also include religious leaders. Woodlands Congressman Kevin Brady told KTRH a one-on-one with the Governor would be better.

“It could help. Governor Perry has ideas on how you address this issue,” Brady stated. “It would be irresponsible for him to not visit the border. It would certainly be irresponsible not to meet with the Governor of Texas.

The President will not visit the border while he is here. Democratic Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar told FOX's Megyn Kelly that's simply wrong.

“He should go down there. He’s in Texas. It shouldn’t take that long. It would take about a half an hour. He should go see the border,” Cuellar said. “You can send surrogates at any time, but the folks that are there want to see him.”

And Texas Senator John Cornyn blasted away on the Senate floor, saying “Dallas is not the border.”

“Not a handshake on the tarmac. Not a roundtable 500 miles away from the border. Please, come see it with your own eyes,” Cornyn said.

“Come to the border where this humanitarian crisis is unfolding,” Cornyn said.