The Obama Administration is trying to downplay the flood of illegal immigrants coming across the border. But at the same time they are now re-estimating the number of illegal immigrants entering the United States.

Department of Homeland Secretary gave the new estimates when he testified on Capitol Hill in front of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

“The assumption in this supplemental request is that there will be approximately 90,000 that cross the border in fiscal ’14 and 145,000 in fiscal ’15,” Johnson stated.

At the same time, Johnson tried to paint a rosier picture of what is actually happening at the border.

“Total apprehensions of kids, unaccompanied, are about 250. It was higher, but it’s now at somewhere between 200 and 250 a day,” Johnson said.

The 90,000 number is about 30 thousand more than officials had originally figured upon. Geoff Hoffman is the Director of the Immigration Clinic at the University of Houston and told KTRH it's tough to put an exact number on it.

“The numbers are projections from the government. At this point I think they have a good handle on it. But no one actually knows because it is a projection,” Hoffman said.

It could wind up being more at the end of the day. And you are unhappy with all of this. A new poll from Business Daily shows that 60% of you wanted these illegal immigrant children sent home. Twenty-eight percent told the survey the kids should be allowed to stay. Ten percent said they were undecided. Hoffman says many of you don’t understand why they are coming here in the first place.

“This situation is caused by the terrible situations in some of these countries, including rampant gang violence,” Hoffman stated.

Abbott wants numbers from state agencies

Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott thinks you are going to pay a big bill when this is all said and done. And he is taking steps to do something to ease the financial pain.

He's looking to get back the money you'll wind up paying by asking state agencies to provide an estimate of how much they've spent, and saying the bill could be more than 50 million dollars. Steven Camarota at the Center for Immigration Studies told KTRH you will feel the financial strain.

“People will feel it indirectly through the strains on state and local budgets. They’ll feel it more directly if a large fraction of these illegal immigrants settle in their community,” Camarota said. It will create challenges for schools, public hospitals and housing can impact you directly pretty immediately.”

And as for that 50 million dollars Abbott is talking about, Camarota thinks it could be more than that.

“You have health care and general infrastructure.  What the Attorney General is referring to is just the added law enforcement. But social services will run into the many millions of dollars,” Camarota explained.

“Texas spends roughly 10-thousand dollars a year per kid on education,” Camarota continued. “Things like that will cost quite a bit.”

But some people will benefit. Religious groups in California are placing ads in community newspapers that are offering families over six-thousand dollars a month if they give a home to some of these illegal immigrant children.