Reciprocity for gun owners was a hot topic at the National Rifle Association's convention in Indianapolis over the weekend.

For many gun-toting Texans, they find its a hassle when other states don't recognize their conceal carry permit.  They're calling on Congress to pass a universal concealed carry law.

“The laws are so convoluted from state to state, and because there's no federal oversight and now overshadowing federal law, you would have to study up any given state you were going to go to before feeling confident enough taking a handgun with you,” says Patrick Woods is with Spring Guns and Ammo.

Opponents fear reciprocity would allow more lenient gun regulations to trump stricter ones.

Alice Tripp at the Texas State Rifle Association insists that isn't true, adding some cities already have stricter gun laws than their state.

Still, she believes gun owners need a streamlined approach to handgun licenses, pointing out at least one state does not accept permits from Texas because we issue them to military veterans younger than 21.

“I'm told that little glitch is why we don't have reciprocity with Nevada,” she tells KTRH News.  “So, that could be corrected with this.”

The real issue is whether Congress will act.  Tripp has her doubts.

“Its strictly political, its not public safety issues, it is wholly politics,” she says.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety website, the Lone Star State currently has reciprocal agreements with just 30 other states.