Does he or doesn’t he?  Nobody knows for sure if legendary baseball great Nolan Ryan wants to be state Ag Commissioner, and if they do they aren’t saying.  But the rumors are everywhere.

Ryan stepped down as CEO of the Texas Rangers effective October 30 and before the ink had dried on his farewell speech the speculation had begun.  The always influential blogger Robert Miller got tongues wagging and they haven’t stopped.

“There have been rumors about Nolan Ryan running a statewide campaign for many, many, many years,” says political insider Chris Begala tells KTRH News.  “I have to admit a certain bias here.  I’ve known Nolan since 1979.  I had the privilege of covering him in another lifetime when I was a sports reporter.  I think that he is a special human being, and think he is a special human being, that whatever he puts his mind to he would be excellent at.  If Nolan wants to run for Ag Commissioner, superb; if he wasn’t to run for Lt. Governor or United States Senate, I think that would be great too.  Time will tell. But these rumors have sprouted out over decades and he never has thus far so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”


Houston Astros President Reid Ryan has remained tight-lipped. 

The line-up of Republican candidates for the seat includes Eric Opiela, J. Allen Carnes, Sid Miller and Tommy Merritt. Kinky Friedmen will run on the Democratic side.