In response to a woman's mandatory 20-year prison sentence for firing a shot near her estranged husband, Florida lawmakers have passed a bill allowing a 'warning shot.' But Texas experts say they don't expect such a law here.

Jeremy Alcede owns Katy's Tactical Firearms. He says a basic tenet of gun safety is to only draw your gun when necessary.

"I don't agree with killing people; it's not my first choice but if it gets to that point there's no point in using a warning shot."

Houston State Senator John Whitmire agrees.

"I don't think we're gonna be in the business that we authorize a warning shot. I just think the use of a firearm is too serious a matter to anticipate that people need to be giving warning shots. Police officers, when they pull their weapons, it's for deadly force -- certainly when they pull the trigger -- and I would think that would apply to a homeowner or anyone that decides they need to use a weapon."

Both say the problem with a warning shot is that bullet lands somewhere -- quite possibly on a bystander.