The Texas General Land Office (GLO) is squashing what it calls "spectacular and erroneous" reports that the Alamo is in danger of falling under the control of the United Nations.  Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson dismisses what his office refers to as "Internet gossip" in a blunt statement: "Horse hockey."  "The people of Texas own the Alamo now and in the future," Patterson says in a statement.  "Nothing is going to change that."
The rumors started after the Alamo and other Spanish missions in San Antonio were recently nominated for the UN's World Heritage List.  That prompted online chatter and even a media report that the UN flag could soon be flying over the Alamo.  Not going to happen, says the GLO.  "Any World Heritage nomination that may take place for the Alamo or the other San Antonio missions will not change authority or oversight of the Alamo at all," says Mark Loeffler, spokesman for the General Land Office.  "So the Alamo is owned by the people of Texas now and in the future, and always will be."  He tells KTRH that the UN distinction would have no practical effect on the Alamo other than a possible increase in foreign tourists.  "There is no change in authority or jurisdiction or oversight at the Alamo if this World Heritage nomination were to take place," says Loeffler.
The Land Office says the World Heritage List is simply a tourist designation for sites around the world, similar to being named a National Historic Landmark under the U.S. National Parks System.   "It's exactly the same for a World Heritage nomination," says Loeffler.  "Just because the Alamo may be on the World Heritage List does not mean that the UN controls the Alamo."  So Texans can relax....there will be no new Battle for the Alamo.