You’ve all heard about ‘No Refusal’ weekends in Harris County. But they are no longer for specific weekends anymore. They are now standard operating procedure. If you refuse a request to take a breath test, police will get a warrant to get your blood.

Todd Keagle of the Harris County District Attorney's office says the Supreme Court cleared the way for them to make the move.

“After they made that decision we decided that we would allocate the resources and time to pursuing drunk drivers more than we had before,” Keagle explained to KTRH.

Keagle says this new no refusal policy isn't new in Texas.

“We’re a little late to the game. San Antonio has been doing this for two-and-a-half years. Dallas and Austin have been doing it, too,” Keagle said.

Warren Diepraam of the Montgomery County DA's office told KTRH he wants to see it expanded to other counties like his.

“We would like to see it everywhere. But the problems are the paperwork, the availability of judges and courts. All of those systems have to be in place,” Diepraam said. You really need a 24-hour magistrate to be able to do this. Harris County is one of the few jurisdictions that can do that. And hopefully we’ll be able to do it, too.”

Diepraam does have his concerns, though.

“There might be police officers who choose not to work DWI because of this warrant requirement. Harris County is going to have to work out how to make it more expedient for it to be successful,” Diepraam said.