NASA's administrator says there is no imminent threat of layoffs at the johnson space center, but that could change if congress and the white house can’t work out something on budget cuts.  Charlie Boldin says the President put 17-point-7 billion dollars in his budget for NASA, but sequester could knock the figure down to 16-point-1 billion.

“We did not have to do furloughs, right now,” Boldin says, “At the 16-point-1 level there is no way in the world they can continue to operate a center like JSC (Johnson Space Center) at the level we have right now.”

Boldin visited the south Houston facility Thursday to give the media and others an update on NASA.  He says the agency is not aimless.  Boldin hopes NASA can send a manned mission to mars by 2030.

He says there is history-making work going on right now at the Johnson Space Center.  He reminded people of Houston's connection to history-making projects like the international space station.

“Every single second of every single day of every single year, for about the last 13 years, somebody from JSC, in the form of an astronaut, has been living and working on the International Space Station.