The Texas ACLU is asking for all tasers to be banned in public school.  This as the organization sends a letter to the Texas Commissioner of Education Michael Williams to “take affirmative steps to end the use of tasers and pepper spray on students”…  The Letter is co-authored by such groups as Texans Care for Children and the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition. 

In an interview with KTRH the ACLU’s Terri Burke says that since tasers have caused heart attacks and even death in adults they shouldn’t be used on children.  She also cited the case of the student in Bastrop that hit his head and was in a comma for 52 days after being hit with a taser in school.  

In response to the student hitting his head on after being tased, the president of the Houston Police Officers Union, Ray Hunt said that the injury could have also happened in a hand to hand altercation where the student might have been pushed.  Hunt added that students today are less respectful and more combative than in years past and that pepper spray and tasers are not only modern law enforcement tools, but are better alternatives than lethal means to subdue an out of control student.

We have learned that currently Houston I-S D, the largest district in Texas, does not allow their officers to carry tasers.  So far, the Texas Education Agency has not responded to the letter sent by the ACLU.