This weekend marked the 4th anniversary of President Obama signing the Affordable Care Act a.k.a. Obamacare into law.  Now, as the mammoth law continues its rocky and uneven rollout, it remains unpopular with a majority of the public much as it did when it was passed in 2010.  Some critics even take it a step further.  "It is the worst rollout of any major healthcare law in modern history," says Woodlands Congressman Kevin Brady(R-TX), who chairs the House Ways & Means Health Subcommittee.  "And my view is that I think it is hurting a lot more Americans than it is helping."

Brady tells KTRH that Obamacare is actually becoming more unpopular with Americans as they start to feel its effects.  "They were promised more access to healthcare, but they're finding that they're forced out of plans they like, the new plans are very expensive, and a lot of times they can't see their local doctors or hospitals," he says.  As an example of that, a recent report noted that Houston's M.D. Anderson Cancer Center is not included in many plans offered in the federal exchanges.  But aside from the broken promises about costs and keeping your doctor, critics point to the botched rollout along with multiple delays and exemptions granted by the Obama Administration as evidence that the law is too unwieldy.  "It is, I think in the end, just an unworkable law, from its design and its architecture," says Brady.

All of the delays implemented in recent months only mean that the worst of the law is still yet to come, according to Brady.  "A lot of the penalties and fines and additional costs of the Affordable Care Act actually won't hit for another year or more," he says.  "So we really haven't gotten to the brunt of this law."  Brady and fellow House Republicans are calling on President Obama to grant a new change to the law.  "I think his best option now is to delay the whole thing, both for families and businesses."