Some NFL players say Thursday night games are a threat to their health and the League should stop scheduling them.

Lions' running back Reggie Bush says the NFL talks about player safety but ignores it with Thursday games. Sportstalk 790 host and Packers' hall of famer Greg Koch agrees.

"I don't think it gives players any chance to recover. I think it makes a better opportunity for them to get hurt. I know the game is popular and you want to see as many games as you can but I would do away with Thursday night games."     

Koch's broadcast partner, former Texan N.D. Kalu agrees and says there are just a couple of benefits.

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"After that Thursday night game, especially if you're having a successful season a lot of the coaches will treat that like a bye week and just give you a couple of days off."

Both say the quality of the games suffers because the players are sore.

"Just think how many Thursday night games have been any good; not many of 'em. And that could wind up hurting the NFL more than helping it because the product's just been so bad."