The National Football League wants the U.S. Supreme Court to rule against a technology company that allows you to watch broadcast television over the internet, or they say the way you watch games on Sundays could change drastically down the road.

The technology company the NFL has targeted is called Aereo, which has so far won decisions in lower courts against broadcast companies. The NFL and Major League Baseball wants the Supreme Court involved. And Walter Champion of Texas Southern says if it goes that far, the NFL will win.

“The best thing to compare this to are the satellite dishes at bars, which have been ruled illegal over and over again,” Champion told KTRH. “The NFL pays a lot of money to preserve their copyright. The Supreme Court will see this as an issue of copyright protection.”

But if Aereo wins, the NFL says it could move games to either cable or Pay Per View. Champion says that would be un-American.

“Not to see the NFL on TV would be against who we are, our DNA,” Champion stated.

But Champion says if the NFL would ever go to Pay Per View, they'd come out big winners in the end.

“The numbers would not go down. They would not lose any money,” Champion said. “The NFL is a monster. I don’t think anything could affect their popularity.”