We all get ‘robocalls,’ and they seem to come at the worst possible times. It could be when you’re sitting down to dinner with your family. It could be while you’re in the middle of a home improvement project. The ‘Do Not Call’ list doesn’t always seem to work.

But there may now be another way for you to avoid them completely.

Inventor Aaron Foss has found a way to stop them. He calls it the Nomorobo.

“It’s a computer program that looks at the call coming in and can detect if it’s a robocaller or a telemarketer, and if it is, it hangs up on them,” Foss told KTRH.

Foss won the Federal Trade Commission's contest to come up with a system to stop these calls. So when will the program be available to all of us?

“It’s looking like about six months from now. There’s been so much excitement and interest in this that I am really kicking things up and it should be available in about six months,” Foss explained. “Three thousand people have signed up to be notified for when this goes live. And over 400 people sent emails begging to make this available. It’s been a great experience for me.

And Foss is hoping to offer you the software for free.

“All of the consumers will be able to get this for free. We’re finally going to be able to stop all these robocalls and telemarketers that disturb you in the middle of dinner,” Foss said.