A new report says illegal immigration could become a bigger problem than it already is. The numbers could double.

“There is reason to believe it’s possible the number could go up to half a million,” Steven Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies told KTRH.

Camarota says this could happen in part because of economic issues in other countries.

“There’s been a slowdown in China. That might send more people from that country, which sends a significant number here already. But it could also have an impact on Latin America,” Camarota explained.

But our economy is having an impact, too.

“Our economy is performing better. There is job growth in food service preparation and construction, where a lot of illegal immigrants find work,” Camarota said.

And bills like the Gang of Eight Immigration bill will only make the problem even worse.

“An increase in legal immigration tends to spur, illegal immigration,” Camarota stated.

The Congressional Budget Office says the Gang of Eight bill would only cut illegal immigration by about 25%.