Men are normally accused of having three things on their minds all the time (eating, sleeping and sex). But a new survey says that’s not the case.

Men do have deeper thoughts. According to the annual Ask Men’s Great Male Survey, 95% of men said they wanted to get married and 92% said they believed in the institution of marriage. Jeff McCall of DePauw University is surprised.

“When you watch how marriage is portrayed, it’s usually as ineffective or dysfunctional kind of lifestyle,” McCall said.

But diversity expert Royalyn Reid wasn't surprised at all.

“We all want someone that we can trust, depend on and are loyal. We want to have those relationships for a lifetime,” Reid explained.

The survey also hit on politics. 78% of men surveyed said they're not satisfied with President Obama's job performance. Reid says she expected that.

“We look at what’s going on with the job market, politics and Washington. We see disenchantment across the board,” Reid told KTRH.

McCall told KTRH that the media plays a role in how you feel about the President.

“A lot of the coverage has started to turn from sympathetic to confrontational. It’s because of the scandals. The media has taken a dimmer view of that. I think that’s probably what’s being reflected in the polling.

Some of the other things the survey revealed. 51% of men say they can't live without their computers. And 70% admitted to watching adult films even though they're in a relationship.