A new report titled "Climate Change Reconsidered" challenges the popular beliefs regarding climate change and the impact of carbon emissions.

The one-thousand page report reveals rising temperatures and atmospheric CO2 levels are causing no harm to the environment or human health.  In fact, the panel of international scientists found the opposite is happening.

“Its actually a benefit to agriculture, human health, animals and even fish,” says Joseph Bast at the Heartland Institute.

The conclusion is that the human impact on the global climate is small, and has little impact on temperatures.

“Rising carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is actually fertilizing plants, leading to forests that are thicker and more lush with vegetation, deserts are shrinking all around the world, agricultural activity is increasing,” Bast tells KTRH News.

Copies of the report are being distributed to scientists and lawmakers around the world.  Bast hopes they'll pull back what he calls harmful legislation that has led to higher energy prices over the past decade.

“We're trying to tell them now that there's a new report out that's just as comprehensive, just as authoritative as the UN-commissioned IPCC's reports, and its time now to start repealing some of the bad legislation that was passed at the height of the global warming scare,” he says.