Getting the most out of the ketchup bottle is no easy task and solving that problem could solve so many more.

It is often found that solving the smallest problems makes the biggest impact, as demonstrated by the new company LiquiGlide.  Their new product has so many applications it is almost reinventing the wheel.

Carsten Boers is the President of LiquiGlide and says a group from MIT started trying to create a product to prevent clogs in oil pipelines, "And as they were inventing this solution, they found this technology that really works for all sorts of liquids.  So what we do as a company is we make all liquids flow easily."

The coating is engineered to each application and can be used to make anything that holds liquid or semi-liquids flow much better.  So, think of not having to shake the mustard bottle so hard, or roll a tube of toothpaste, or squeeze the life out of the bottle of sunscreen.

LiquiGlide is used on surfaces to make them permanently "wet." 


For view more videos of how LiquiGlide works, click here.

Boers says their product has applications in consumer packaging, manufacturing, oil and gas, processing, aviation, power plants, medical, and dozens more.  Currently, LiquiGlide is working with around 20 companies to develop products, and Boers says they hope to have their first products in supermarkets within 18 months, "Our invention is to viscous liquid what the invention of the wheel was for transportation of goods.  So really it's a technology that applies to so many many different industries."