Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone today -- in fact, more than one. Rumor has it a cheaper iPhone will also go on sale next month.

High Tech Texan Michael Garfield says he expects at least two new iPhones.

"Rumor is a 5s and a 5c -- c standing for color. Also some that are a little bit more inexpensive.

One thing that's not a rumor is the new Apple mobile operating system.

"All the iPads that you have, all the current iPhones that you have are gonna be upgradeable. They're gonna be pushing a download to upgrade that to iOS7."

The new top of the line iPhone is expected to have a new fingerprint security system and a faster processor to go with the new iOS7. Plus, Garfield says you may be able to take advantage of a new trade-in option.

"iPhone 5, maybe you have an iPhone 4s and if it's in relatively good condition they're gonna give you a gift card to the Apple store; probably anywhere between $250 to $400 and depending on the price of this new iPhone it's gonna be relatively free."