When the new iPhone hits the market in September, it may include a fingerprint sensor as a security feature.  Hi-Tech Texan Michael Garfield says rumors are flying about the new phone.

“The bigger issue is the software,” Garfield explains.  “It's not so much about the hardware, because this is the new release of the new Apple operating system, the IOS7, which is going to find a lot of cool features.”

With samsung taking over much of the smart phone and tablet market, Garfield says Apple needs to generate some "buzz.”  A fingerprint sensor would do it.

“Instead of entering their password as a four-digit code,” he explains, “they will be able to put their fingerprint and it'll unlock their smartphone.”

He says by-passing the need for a four-digit code to secure your iPhone will be the next “great thing” in smart phones.

“Having a fingerprint biometric sensor is probably the next evolution, because not only will it be able to unlock passwords, but it will also allow you to buy things a little bit more secure(ly).”

Apple is also believed to be on the verge of introducing a "budget" iPhone, designed to target the emerging market in China.