The crooks trying to steal your fancy ride may have developed a new, hi-tech way to get inside.  A video shows them using a small box-like device to unlock the door, then they can take the car, or all the things you've left in it.  Texas law enforcement agencies are trying to figure out how it works, and how to stop it.  Texas Auto Burglary and Theft Protection Authority Director Charles Caldwell this is just another challenge, but his state agency has been successful so far...

"Since 1991 we have reduced auto thefts by over 60 percent," Caldwell says, "so our guys have been very successful."

Since 2008, car burglaries are also down -- by 15 percent.


A law enforcement agency in central Texas thinks it has seized one of the devices.


"One of the agencies -- and it has not been specified what agency -- has one of those devices and is trying to figure out how it's being used and what can be done to combat it," he says.


A spokesperson for Houston police says it isn't clear if the device seized even works.