With less than a month before the primary elections in Texas, it appears the two front-runners for governor aren't waiting until the general election campaign officially begins.  State Senator Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) is going after Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) on multiple fronts.  At a news conference on Monday, Davis called on Abbott to end the school finance lawsuit brought by some 600 districts against the state.  "Greg Abbott needs to stop this nonsense," she said.  "He needs to stop defending the indefensible, he needs to settle this case."  How exactly Abbott could settle the case isn't clear, since the districts are suing the Legislature over its funding mechanism for education.  Davis told reporters that Abbott can influence lawmakers, and further called on him to convene a special session of the Legislature to find a permanent solution, although special sessions are typically called by the governor.

Abbott has declined to comment about the case while it is still pending.  A Texas judge is set to issue a written ruling within the next few weeks.  But speaking with Greta Van Susteren on the FOX News Channel, Abbott said he has his own plan for education.  "We need to go back to general local control, get away from this one size-fits-all program where all the dictates come from Austin, but trust in the teachers to educate children." 


Davis also put Abbott on the defensive by calling for him to apologize for recent comments he made comparing public corruption at the Texas border to third-world countries.  Davis and some South Texas Democrats said those comments were an insult to the state's southern border region, but Abbott clarified.  "I did call out some acts of corruption by public officials here in the state of Texas, but I did not delegate that to South Texas," he told FOX News.  Abbott went on to criticize Davis and others for ignoring a problem he says he's trying to solve.  "I will never back down, put my head in the sand, and pretend as though the problem doesn't exist, because I have prosecuted corruption across the state of Texas,” he said.  Abbott has proposed a $300 million plan to beef up border security, which includes more funding to investigate corruption.