Astronomers are looking forward to a possible universal first headed our way in December.

Later this year a comet could be making its first ever visit to our solar system.  Dr. Patricia Reiff is a Physics Astronomer at Rice University and says this comet is definitely unique, "It has been wandering around in the Oort Cloud, a forth of the way to the nearest star for eons, and something perturbed it."

Comet ISON is already visible to astonomers and the Hubble Space Telescope.  Dr. Reiff does say that it is possible the comet will not survive its trip around the sun, "It will come extrememly close to the sun, we are not sure if it will break up into peices or evaporate or remain to be a spectacular comet."

Best viewing for the comet will be in the predawn hours in early December.  Comet ISON's path will bring it within one "sun width" to the sun.