A fresh new batch of U.S citizens were sworn in during a ceremony in Houston Wednesday.  So what do those who do it the right way think of illegal aliens flooding our border?

Colombian-born Paola Monslave was sworn in a year ago.  It took her seven years just to gather the correct paperwork after her mother requested she join her in Houston to establish residency. 

More paperwork followed once she arrived in 2008.

“The very first thing I did was get my Social Security number, because without that you cannot do much,” she tells KTRH News.

Paola worked over the next five years before she could even apply for citizenship.

“I think it was about $800 to $1,000, basically you have to prove you haven't committed any crimes or anything like that, then they ask you a lot of questions,” she says.

Her thoughts on illegal immigrants?

“Its a crime that they do it, they cross the border illegally and they stay here,” says Monslave.  “But I also understand they don't have any opportunities in their country.”

Still, she says those flooding the southern border illegally are giving people like her a bad reputation.

“Its unfair that they do that, especially when there are people who do it the right way,” Paola says.  “There's a lot of racism here and at the end of the day people generalize, but not everyone comes to this country the same way.”