The scientists at Google say they're building a car with no steering wheel.  It doesn't need one because it will drive itself.  Consumer Electronics Association spokesman Jim Barry says your car today is already using a lot of that kind of technology.  This car will just take it a step further.

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“Sensors to stop if there's something in front of you, sensors if you're changing lanes,” Barry says.  “And, then also using the navigation system to help you find the exit that you've programming in that you want.”

Some cars can already park themselves.  Barry says the driverless car may become reality sooner than any of us think it can.  The top executive at Audi says cars like that could be common by 2020.

“Much of this is currently in place,” he points out.  “(Sensors) will give you a warning if you're changing lanes on the highway, to let you know that you're approaching some other vehicle or object.  So, some of these things are there already.”