Commuting is never a favorite part of anyone's day, but one car maker hopes their new technology can help you stay on the gas and in the green.

Audi is currently testing a new system they unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year.  They claim the system will use traffic information of the city you live in to recommend speeds to drive that will increase your chances of catching all green lights.

The system requires cities to provide Audi with traffic signal patterns and timing information.  Something that is currently holding up development of the system since the car maker would need to sign legal agreement with individual cities.

KTRH's Car Pro Jerry Reynolds thinks the system is very complicated, "Audi will probably figure it out, but I just don't know how many people are going to be interested in it."  

Reynolds says there are just too many other variables that would make the system unreliable.  He says he much prefers what is being done in Los Angeles, "They are turning all their lights going towards downtown L.A. green in the morning.  Then in the afternoon they are green all the way going out of town."

Audi says the tech is not available in cars in the U.S. yet, as the program is still in a pilot testing phase in cities like Las Vegas, Verona, and Berlin.  They are currently analyzing whether to offer the system to customers in the U.S.