The statistics show that you know someone that either has Alzheimer’s or autism. For years, researchers have been trying to come up with answers for these diseases. A recent study has scientists wondering if electronic stimulation in certain parts of the brain could help.


That study showed that a patient who had electrodes stimulate part of his brain wound up causing hallucinations. The patient claimed he saw parts of his past.


Dr. Jonathan Garza, a neurologist at Kelsey Seybold, told KTRH it’s something researchers have been looking at for a while now.


“We are opening the door on direct electrical stimulation on Alzheimer’s,” Garza said.”They’ve been used for other disorders like Parkinson’s and depression.”


Garza said the research will continue.


“There are new studies going out with implementation of these devices in these areas and how it may improve Alzheimer’s in certain patient populations,” Garza explained.


And he says if the research goes well, because there’s no cure for the disease, you could see the treatment get approval sooner rather than later.