A new commercial has been on the air lately that is supposed to send the message to you about the dangers of owning a gun. However, it might be having the exact opposite effect.

The ad is from former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's ‘Everytown for Gun Safety’ group and features a woman being attacked by her ex-husband. The spot ends with the sound of gunfire, implying the woman was shot. NRA board member Charles Cotton of the Texas Firearms Coalition told KTRH the anti-gun group is sending a pro-gun message.

“How could anyone make such a blunder on publicity? It actually sends our message; that if you are unarmed you are helpless,” Cotton said.

But Claire Elizabeth at Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense disagrees.

“How can someone see this and think that we need to make sure our laws are strong enough to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers? Abused women are ten times more likely to be threatened with a gun than to use it to defend themselves. And the presence of a gun in domestic violence situations makes it five more times likely that the woman will be killed,” Elizabeth explained.

However, Cotton says the way the ad comes off, it might actually send more women to the gun store looking to protect themselves.

“It’s being perceived as yet more proof that the only way to defend yourself against someone with a gun is for you to have a gun yourself,” Cotton stated.

And one pro-gun group took this a step further, releasing a parody of the Bloomberg ad in response to the anti-gun spot. That commercial shows a single mother using a gun to stop her abusive ex-husband from attacking her.