If you like using YouTube, Hulu, Google Netflix or other services on the internet, a recent court ruling could mean you might wind up paying more for them.

The ruling means that your internet service provider, if they wanted to, could prioritize some websites and services over others. Think of it like your cable bill and all the tiers you're offered. But Maggie Reardon of CNET told KTRH it might not actually work out like that.

“I don’t think the phone and cable companies will go directly to raising your rates,” Reardon said.

If that’s the case, what will they do?

“They’ll start charging Netflix, Google, Amazon, Hulu and others to transmit their content to you,” Reardon explained.

And there’s another way service providers will make money thanks to this ruling.

“They’ll get companies to pay them so that the data service you use on your wireless service will be paid for by the app provider,” Reardon stated.

And the impact of that will be on your wallet.

“What tends to happen is when you charge those companies, they pass the cost on to consumers,” Reardon said. “Somebody is paying for it. They are not doing it out of the kindness of their heart. They are going to charge you a premium for that. It will be somewhere hidden in your costs.”

Verizon has already come out and said they aren't planning any changes to their service. The F-C-C is considering an appeal to the ruling.