Webmasters all over the world are scrambling after a billion user names and passwords were stolen by an online hacker gang.

A Russian gang claims they stole 1.2 billion user names and passwords from over 420,000 websites they had infected with their malware.  The theft is the largest security breach of user credentials in history.

The breach of information is a wake up call to the public about how out-dated this form of security has become, "Unfortunately we are rapidly reaching a point where user name and password as a level of security for you, is becoming obsolete." says Professor of Computer of Information Systems at Rice University Chris Bronk.

The breach could potentially affect online accounts not originally compromised because most people use the same password for multiple sites to make it easier to remember.  

Bronk says another problem with this breach is the location of the hackers, "So where is the hacker gang that has the biggest repository of compromised accounts, Russia.  What is Russia doing about this? Nothing.  So, how are our relations with Russia on this?  Pretty bad."

In all the Russian gang called Cybervors collected 4.5 billion records with 1.2 billion unique credentials that affect over a half-billion email addresses.