Some consider it one of the darkest times in American history, and Thursday they're celebrating 80 years since the end of Prohibition.

Imagine 13 long years without beer at sporting events, no tequila for that margarita, no birthday shots at the bar.  Under prohibition we had no St. Arnold's or Shiner beer.

Joe McClain at the Beer Institute says on this day in 1933 our politicians finally came to their senses with the Twenty-First Amendment repealing prohibition.

“We just encourage people to raise a glass with friends and family in celebration of this milestone,” McClain tells KTRH News.

In the eight decades since the end of prohibition, McClain says the beer industry has grown to support two million jobs nationwide.

“In Texas, we're talking a $21 billion economic impact and 160,000 jobs that come from that cold glass of beer you enjoy with friends and family,” he says.

The state also receives $4 billion in related taxes each year.

Among all alcoholic beverages, beer is still America's number one choice, followed closely by wine, then liquor.