Houston is no stranger to crime, but stats reported to the FBI show it could be a lot worse.

Compared to other cities its size, the Bayou City is nowhere close to becoming a "murder capital." In fact, HPD Capt. Wyatt Martin says homicides, along with all violent crimes are down so far this year.

“As of the end of August this year, 144 murders, 430 rapes, 6,468 robberies and 6,978 aggravated assaults,” Martin tells KTRH News.

“Through the same time period last year we were at 151 murders,” he says.

Chicago had double the murders Houston reported by the end of August, with 330 total so far this year.  So, Martin says we're doing pretty good for a city our size.

“You saw the Denny's and the Subway incidents, things of that nature,” he says.  “We get these really high-profile incidents that really scare people, and that creates a perception there is much higher number than there was before.”

There has however, been a slight uptick in non-violent crimes such as shoplifting this year.