In an industry known for its fast pace, Microsoft has given in and announced the highly-anticipated  introduction of MS Office for iPads. As the tech world shifts even further away from the venerable desktop PC, the rollout is a welcome addition for iPad owners. CES Technology Spokesman, Jim Barry says it was inevitable for the computer giant. “You know they kind of fought the system for a long time. It’s their long time competitor but with so many things going to mobile platforms like mobile shopping and other mobile applications, they didn’t want to hesitate anymore in making this move.”

Microsoft gives up some $2.5 billion a year in revenue by keeping Office off the iPad, which has now sold almost 200 million units, according to analyst estimates. The speculated March 27th unveiling by new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is considered a smart move, even if long overdue.

Microsoft has had iPad and iPhone versions of Office primed for several months now, but the company has stalled on their release due to internal divisions, among other things.

Microsoft’s hesitation may hold further repercussions for the software pioneer. As time and software versions have marched on, independent competitors have been developing comparable programs to Excel , Outlook and MS Word.

Of course, time will tell just how compatible the Apple incarnation of MS Office is, but as the times change, it looks like Microsoft has to change with them.