Motorola has started an advertising campaign rolling out their new Moto-X smart phone, and central in its theme is that it is the first smart phone to be designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.S., and the plant where it will be built is in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Owned by Google, Motorola is using a 500,000 square foot facility formerly owned by Nokia.  William Moss is Director of External Communications for Motorola Mobility and told KTRH there were several compelling reasons to manufacture the product in Texas.

“One was speed, being in the U.S. makes it much faster for us to iterate in the design of our devices because it keeps our key engineering and design teams in Chicago and the Silicon Valley much closer to manufacturing, it brings us closer to many of our key customers in the US and lets us fill those orders quicker and with greater efficiency.”

The Moto X is expected to hit store shelves in August.  They are expected to spend $500 million on the marketing campaign for the new smart phone.