We celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday because of one woman’s crusade to honor mothers, through she never married and never had children herself.  In 1905 Anna Jarvis’ mother died, so beginning in her home state of West Virginia, Anna campaigned to set aside a day to recognize what she called “the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world.”  In 1914 President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation setting aside the second Sunday in May as a day to celebrate mothers.

In addition to honoring mothers, we’ll spend $163 dollars each on gifts and such, contributing $19.9 billion to the national economy collectively.

81% of us will get mom a card, and 67% flowers.  Brunch or dinner are top choices, followed by jewelry, a day at a spa or some personal special outing, followed by clothes and house ware or gardening items.

KTRH News went onto the streets to find out how Houstonians plan on spending the day.

“I’m a single mom, and I’m going to hang out with my 18-year-old, he’s going to take me to brunch,” says Roxsann Lavan, with a twinkle in her eye.

“I feel kinda bad, because her birthday was a week ago and I sent her a purse and some outfits, and I’m debating if I can just loop that together,” says the delightful Iris Edelen.

Donald Colbert says his family bought his mom stuff to smell good from Bed, Bath and Beyond, and some night clothes.

Monica Harris has a great weekend to look forward to.  She’s a single mom, and is taking her seven year old daughter camping in Huntsville, along with two friends who are also single mothers with their kids, all around the same age.

64% of Americans will be shopping for a mom or step-mom, 22 percent will shop for their wide, 9% for their daughters, and 7% for their grandmother.