Washington likes to say that the economy is getting better, but the results of a new survey suggest something very different.

The report from Bankrate.com says that 76 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Financial planner Richard Rosso isn't surprised.

“Since the recession, household income is down 7.8%. The Fed says there isn’t any inflation out there, but the stuff you buy every day has been going up in price,” Rosso told KTRH.

Rosso says it’s a simple equation, really.

“No wage increases, underemployment plus inflation on the items you buy every day equals illiquidity for households,” Rosso said.

So why haven’t wages gone up over the last few years?

“Most organizations want to keep the money inside the business because they’re not growing,” Rosso stated.

The study also says that 27% of Americans had no savings at all. Rosso says if you are in that situation you might have to make some tough decisions.

“I’m not talking about cutting out the latte every day. It comes down to really seeking to downsize your situation. It could be selling your home and moving to a smaller place,” Rosso explained.

Fifty percent said they had less than a three month cushion to cover expenses if they lost their job. Rosso says the report is an example of what many of you in the middle class are going through.